Our Mission Statement:
The mission of Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue is to rescue, nurture, rehabilitate, and relocate Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes into loving, permanent homes, as well as to raise public awareness of companion animal issues.

About us:
Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue LTD provides safe home and health care for stray, abandoned, and abused companion Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, and education for the general public regarding the responsibilities of ownership and the humane treatment of companion dogs. Presently these services are provided in the county of Bernalillo in the state of New Mexico.

Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue provides the state of New Mexico with the valuable service of providing homes for dogs without homes. New Mexico is a poor state with a vast amount of uninhabited land and a small population of 1.8 million people as stated in the 2008 census.

Revenues to support are inadequate to meet the states needs in caring for abandoned dogs.

Resources to accommodate the needs of abandoned dogs are often decreased to meet the "human" need. Unfortunately, when dogs are dumped in the vast landscape for financial resources, New Mexico cannot meet the situation.
In Bernalillo County, there are only a handful of animal control officers to patrol a very large metropolitan area. Bernalillo is one of the most populated counties in New Mexico. It is surrounded by Indian reservations that are also drastically short of funding for abandoned dogs. Spay, neuter and vaccination laws are infrequently or selectively enforced and in the southwest, there is a value placed upon an individual's freedom to roam in wide-open spaces.

Unfortunately, humans often provide the same rights to their pets, who cannot protect themselves. As a result, dogs are often lost, killed, and forgotten.
There are countless reasons for these dogs to be abandoned. Age, Health, Pregnancy, and Disease are only a few reasons that these dogs find themselves under the Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue LTD's care.

Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue LTD is a small but effective non-profit organization. Since its formation, the organization has helped numerous dogs through New Mexico. Its primary function has been to care for these homeless dogs. In the coming years we will be expanding our purpose and functions.