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Quebec's Diary


As Dictated by Quebec and Recorded by Her Foster Mom, Marie Frank


May 31, 2014


Mom took me for a ride last weekend without Sophie and I was scared, when we stopped, I saw my friend Margaret and they had a lot of dogs with them. We stayed in our kennels while a lot of people came to say hi. I got a lady to pick me up and give me a good back rub. I didn't see Sophie and told mom we needed to go home and find her, so after a little while we left for home.




Quebec 222-4.jpg



 I want to tell you about the R word.  Mom says to Dad, I should see if they want to go out and RUN, and as soon as she said it, I was ready to go. I can run the whole yard 5 times in about 60 seconds. I must have been a Greyhound in my last life. 


Whoa there girl, what's that? I walked over to it slowly and it flew away into the sky, mom called it a bird??? She told me I didn't need to chase it away; critters here are welcomed (except skunks). I didn't know what that meant but I was soon to find out.  Before be we went to bed we went out for business and I couldn't even squeak out a lil bit, it smelled really bad.  Mom said HURRY GET INSIDE RUN, must be a skunk in the neighborhood and we all ran inside. I'll pee in the morning.


 P.S. I have been eating a little slower, it's hard cause the food is real good.



Quebec is ready for her forever home. If you want to learn more about her,









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There is also the fact that females that have been spayed, particularly those spayed at a young age, have a much lower risk of breast (or mammary) cancer. Many times, this form of cancer is malignant and can metastasize to the lungs, lymph nodes, and other parts of the body. But dogs and cats spayed before their first heat cycle very rarely develop these tumors.


Unaltered male pets often develop behavioral issues that can be difficult to tolerate and impossible to manage. They are more likely to roam and to fight with other animals, resulting in injuries that can be serious in nature. Intact males also tend to mark their territory more commonly than neutered males or females. Neutered males are less likely to develop prostate problems, including prostate cancer.


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Carmarina was recently rescued. She has a problem with her hind leg. Lots of tests have been run. We are waiting to get back the final diagnosis and if it shows cancer Carmarina will have to have her leg amputated. Medical costs are building up.

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